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mircoles, 08 de noviembre de 2006
 Vila-real -also named Villarreal- is a town in Spain -Europe-, pertaining to the province of Castellon, within the Valencia Region.  

Located 7 Km. to the South of Castellon city, it is 42m. over sea level on a plain area beside the river Mijares. Its county extends 55,4Km.2 , from which the urban area is a 10,72%. 

Most of its 40.124 inhabitants (1999 data) live in town. It is the second city in the Castellón province and the tenth within the Valencia Region, ranked by population.  

We're near to the Mediterranean sea coastline, where we enjoy very good beaches.

Vila-real's countryside is plenty of orange trees fields, but this is not our main income activity any longer. Nowadays, many big, medium and small ceramic tile companies are based in our city. This important industry has brought many suppliers and contractors -construction, engineering, tooling, automated control, logistics, ..- as well as other non-ceramics-related industries here.

You can reach Vila-real by air, flying to the nearest business airport of Valencia. Then by train or car at 65 Km. to the North in direction to Barcelona on the N340 road or the A7 motorway -Villarreal exit-. Both of them pass thru Vila-Real. The entry to the city is well noticeable on the N340 by the ceramic tile factory "PORCELANOSA". 

If you are coming down to the South via Barcelona, -Castellon Sur exit on the A7 motorway-, some 5 Km. after Castellon, on the N340 you'll cross a bridge over the Mijares river. The rightmost lane will bring you straight into Vila-real.

City map at street level in Paginas Amarillas website

Being Vila-real so close to the Mediterranean sea coastline, the weather reflects the typical gentle temperatures and the brighty sunny sky of this area, although with some sudden rains, mainly in September.

Here are some data from year 1990 that show quite well the average:


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